Frequently Asked Questions

glazing techniques

Our techniques are a combination of dip glazing and brush glazing. The glazes are a liquid mixture of minerals and chemicals applied to the surface of objects before firing in a kiln. Our unique base combination creates a protective and decorative coating, enhancing the appearance and functionality of the pottery.


Finding inspiration for pottery shapes can come from various sources, we keep an open mind and observe the world around and often turn to historical references to help with new designs.

Nature is our number one influencer, we look at the shapes of leaves, flowers, shells, stones, and tree bark and observe the curves, asymmetry, and patterns found in the natural world.

Limited Editions

For the majority of pieces, we create limited editions of a particular design, producing a small number of similar pieces. However, due to the popluartiy of certain peices our pottery the number of limited editions can run from 1 to over 100.

Each piece is made by hand, often using traditional pottery techniques like wheel throwing or hand-building. Since we shape the clay bay hand, each piece has slight variations and organic qualities that help to make each piece distinct.

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